Craig Smith Music Services & Prices

We offer lessons in piano, keyboard, drums, percussion, guitar, bass, flute, saxophone, clarinet, recorder, cornet, trumpet, trombone and singing

A graduate of the acclaimed Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts with a First Class BA (Hons) degree in music and an associate of the Victoria College of Music, Preston based Craig Smith is an experienced and multi-skilled professional musician. His primary instruments are piano and keyboards, and he also plays Latin percussion, bass and rhythm guitar.

Working freelance in many musical disciplines, Craig is available for tuition, as a performer / session musician (both as a soloist, usually at weddings, and with bands), a composer/arranger, and a musical director.

Having received some of the best training around, Craig is proud to be able to offer the services below. Since he is able to work in several diverse roles without all his eggs in one basket, he is able to offer his services at some very competitive rates. Any prices shown are approximate and should be used as a guide only prior to a proper quote.

  • Tuition with Craig
  • Private tuition: from £15 per half hour
  • Tuition Agency
  • Private tuition at teacher's studio: from £11 per half hour
  • Private tuition at student's home: from £15 per half hour, with reductions for longer lessons
  • Weddings & Functions
  • Solo Piano: See Wedding Packages Page from the "Home" menu
  • Composing / Arranging scores for ensembles (e.g. string quartets/ jazz bands): quotations on request
  •">Composition / Arranging
  • Quotations on request
  • Record Production
  • Record Production: quotations will depend on the project so please get in touch for a quote
  • Theatre & Drama Schools
  • Composition: quotations on request (please be prepared to disclose details about your company)
  • Musical Direction: quotations on request (please be prepared to disclose details about your company)
  • Rehearsal Pianist: sessions at £30 per hour, but weekly contracts are negotiable

Please note that some of the above fees are determined by the Musicians' Union rates. More information is available from the Musicians' Union. For all terms and conditions please click here.

†Fuel costs will usually be included within this quoted price, but for longer journeys (a total of 20 miles or more as shown by Google maps) a further contribution per mile may be required, subject to a minimum of £5 starting contribution. The duration of the engagement will be agreed at the time of booking; if the booking runs any risk of overrunning, the longer period should be booked but the overrun will not be charged if it is not used.