Craig Smith Music

North West Piano Hire

Craig performing on his portable grand piano

If there's one thing guaranteed to add a touch of class to your wedding ceremony, wedding reception or event, it's a live pianist.

If there's another thing, it's a having a grand piano in the room. Around the North West, there are some fabulous venues that Craig plays at regularly, all which have their own grand pianos; venues like Eaves Hall, Barton Grange, Mytton Fold, Mitton Hall and several around the Fylde, Cheshire and Lake District.

Even if your venue doesn't have a piano, there's no reason that you can't have live wedding piano music. We've a range of options for supplying pianos for your wedding or event. Included as standard within the price of all bookings is the supply of a world-beating electric piano. Don't think cheap keyboard; these are touring quality Nord and Roland 'stage pianos', used by top session musicians worldwide, sounding as good as — and in the case of the Nord, better than — real grand pianos.

However, if you would like the 'look' of a grand piano, we have a couple of further options for you:

Grand Piano Hire

Craig Smith Music can arrange the supply of grand pianos from £500

Should you be looking for something that little bit more glamorous, grand pianos in white, black and antique wood can be supplied. These can be included along with any package, usually for around £500-600, and are all real pianos rather than electric imitations.

Included in the hire price is delivery (location may vary the price a little, but not much) and tuning, which may be on the morning of your wedding or the day before, depending on your venue's preference. Also included is insurance during the transit to and from your venue, with the pick up occurring early the day after your wedding. All arrangements for the hire can be handled for you.

Grand Piano Shell Hire

Craig Smith Music provide a fake grand piano shell for weddings from £250

If the real deal is a little beyond your budget, we are able to supply a portable grand piano shell facade for hire in Lancashire, Cheshire, West Yorkshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cumbria. These shells are rather like theatre 'set props': lightweight, portable mock piano shells in which stage pianos can sit, giving the impression of a real grand piano. They are available to you in gloss black or white. See Craig's Instagram for lots of photos!

The shells, imported from European manufacturer Dutchgrand, are also available to hire for use by other pianists and keyboard players £250 per day or £150 per half day, plus 45p per mile for both delivery and pick-up return journeys.

Reduced rates are available for week-long hires by touring companies, theatre companies, amateur dramatic societies etc.